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1980’s is a very important period for Tham Siew Inn. Eager to share what he has learnt during the journey abroad, he dived into the local art scene and did all he can. Founded two watercolor societies, participated numerous exhibition both local and globally. Some of the artworks capture scenery from the country he visited, with a lot more showing exotic Malaysian landscape. In the mid 70’s, in an effort to raised art awareness, he started teaching art classes in his home town – Klang. The successful art classes however, were occupying too much of his time and mind. He decided to stop teaching classes and focus on creating artwork fulltime in 1986.

It was during this productive years that Tham have started his “Rainforest Series”, “Flame of the Forest Series”, and “Seaside Series”. Shifting his focus from accurate scenery depiction into a praise to nature. This change came naturally when his understanding towards relationship between human being and nature improved. Compared to accurate dry on dry technique he used, the evolved wet on wet method uses more primary colors that preserved its luminosity. Magnifying the untouched beauty of the natural forests and oceans is one of the characteristic of Siew Inn’s painting during the 80’s.




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