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Tham Siew Inn Artist Gallery is located in the middle of Malaysia's hitorical town - Melaka. In an ancient city where different cultures, economies, religions and art converge. To promote his art and extend its exposure, renowned Malaysian artist Tham Siew Inn established this unique gallery displaying artworks from different period and harnesses the opportunities to interact with art lovers from around the world face to face.


From its one of a kind exterior, visitor would not have guessed that beyond this blooming entrance, there exists a fusion of gallery, workshop, garden and living space which extend over 230 feet deep. A bold attempt by our artist to combine all these features into one, considering this would not have worked in any usual building.



Once you step into the gallery, noise from the street will be left behind. Front exhibition hall welcomes you with some abstract paintings. Along the corridor leading towards the middle exhibition hall, you can have a closer look at a couple of smaller paintings. The middle exhibition hall is illuminated by daylight showers from an air well filled with plants. An eyeful of greeneries indoor, every plant here is taken care of by the artist himself. This is a manifestation of artistís philosophy in art or ultimately in life. Around the air well garden, is where paintings and fine art prints by the artist are displayed.


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