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Hall A

Lobby and Gallery Shop

Brows all Lobby and Gallery Shop Artworks

First enter the front most room of the gallery, the Art Shop, the room displaying various kind of reproduction artwork, here we have our best sellers selected artworks, from a convenient ready to post postcards that cost US$0.5, small size framed ready to display Limited Edition Prints, and Mix Media Artworks custom made to orders.

Garden Gallery

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Here you can see the marvel of olden day architectural design: The (First) Air Well of the building, with fresh air and sunlight coming directly into the building, the air well are both functional and pleasing to look at. Artist has turned it into a piece of living installation art, filled with various kind of potted palms and a reused Victorian era bathtub turned fish pond, an indoor garden in middle of a gallery, amid the hall is the workspace. The gallery displayed some of the artist son’s portrait and abstract artworks as well as some of middle size framed Limited Edition Prints.

Portrait Gallery

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Exclusively displaying artworks of Tham Ze King, mainly focus on various medium of portrait works, including but not limited to: Pencil, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal and Oil, Ze King is taking commission for artistic portrait paintings, prices and dimension option in shop.

Hall D

Seasonal Gallery

Hanging Garden

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Vines dangling off from the hanging pots on the air well gives the garden it’s name.

Partly displaying our best sellers of full size Limited Edition Prints, the centre piece of the hall is one of the biggest original painting of Tham Siew Inn, beside it is one of the biggest Museum Quality Print (Artist Proof) made in house.

Tea Room

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Here is the living room of the artist family, houses the archive of sketches span from 60s to current date, in electronically humid control dry boxes, stored over 2000 sketches book fully utilized every page and digitally archived.