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Blue Mount Kinabalu

A fine display of colors control and atmospheric scene created with balanced colors and stroke across the painting, a scene of Mount Kinabalu at night, you can feel the mists and moisture in air, reflection of moonlight and starlight on nature?s surfaces.

Last Night in Lugano

Famous of it?s windy weather, the stay night in Lake Lugano ignite inspiration to artist to start a piece with beautiful city light reflection in the lake and windy, cloudy night sky.


The movement of dancers carry meanings in an undertone. I believe that the body language of a dancer is more expressive than spoken language.

My Garden VI

An inviting garden is so much more than mere foliage – sunlight, moonlight, birds on wings, bees and breeze….

Chinese Opera V

What pomp and flourish on-stage, What sordidness back-stage;
The contrast etches on the mind, With a great force.

A visitor from Ceylon performing in Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAP Fest), a piece which display the masterful stroke of lines that capture not only the movement of the performer but also the rhythm of the beats.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

The wisdom of the builders from more than 300 years ago can be seen clearly in every aspect of the temple.

Homeland 4

Colorful and vibrant vegetation spread across the landscapes, a bountiful and rich fill between corners of eyes, our beautiful homeland.

ErHu Solo

Erhu is a simple two-string instrument, but the sound vibration it generates is profound.


Again drawing his inspiration from the ever changing color play of gemstone opal, with precise control of water flow and accurate colors blending on paper, the piece recreated the seamless color play on paper, created a piece that look like a infinite universe in a small gem stone, bringing infinite inspiration.


Clad in colorful cloth, two sacred cows are getting ready to lead a procession of devotees.