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ErHu Solo

Erhu is a simple two-string instrument, but the sound vibration it generates is profound.


Again drawing his inspiration from the ever changing color play of gemstone opal, with precise control of water flow and accurate colors blending on paper, the piece recreated the seamless color play on paper, created a piece that look like a infinite universe in a small gem stone, bringing infinite inspiration.


Clad in colorful cloth, two sacred cows are getting ready to lead a procession of devotees.

Melaka River 11

A sunset scene of a lively Melaka river, after a day of fishing off shore, the fishing boats returned with bounties of the sea, the fishing boats park shore side and fish merchants approach them to buy their catch, some residents nearby approaches to buy directly from fishermen to get the freshest ingredients for a family dinner.


The Twin Towers exude another kind of charm when they are devoid of crowds and lights at midnight.

Melaka River 10

Capturing a bright sunny day in Melaka river, fishing boats leaving wishing a bountiful day, a now historic scene that has changed since the river is beautified by state authorities, no more fishing boat are park ashore since the years of 2005

Geographers Cafe 3

The building that houses the Geographer Café dates back to Dutch colonial period. Its semi-circular windows, large columns and narrow corridors impart a distinct ambience.

Marching Band II

A quick sketch done when a marching band passes by, with clean lines and simple color captured the marching band?s characteristics

Chinese Opera I

Simple lines and ordinary colors depict the graceful gestures of the dancers.

Melaka River 46

A night time live sketching after rain, created this atmospheric piece, with precise control, the watercolor natural bleed on the paper surface, effected by humidity, perfectly captured reflection in the water, the moisture in the air and city lights bleed into the mists.

Melaka River 36

A cloudy day in Malacca river’s shore, fishing boats are shore bound fearing a storm brewing.

Violet Flame

Smoke and haze raised across a vast farmed land during a controlled burn in agricultural land, during the evening, as twilight fall, the afterglow reflection on the cloud and thick smokes make the ember appear violet.