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Welcome To Tham Siew Inn Artist Gallery

Tham Siew Inn Artist Gallery was founded in 2001, for the past 20 years we stood and rooted in the UNESCO Heritage Core Zone of Malacca old town, sharing our creativity with visiting art lovers, collectors, designers, architects; both individuals and groups alike. We have collaborated many successful art projects including providing bespoke piece of original painting for private space, large scale unique mixed media artworks, sculptures and we also provide different styles of open edition and limited edition artworks for hotels, hospitals and more.

Our Projects

Here are some of the projects we have done/have been doing:

Limited Edition Print

Through tremendous amount of works with professional color calibrated optical equipment to capture even the finest detail in a complex artworks. By using the highest quality of 100% cotton paper that is imported from Germany and professional archival pigment ink from Japan, our in-house production are able to produce scaled reproduction of artworks that is water and UV resistant. Only the highest quality reproduction of the artwork will be approved by watercolor master Tham Siew Inn, each Limited Edition Print is individually hand signed and embossed with gallery’s seals of approval, with a unique serialized number.

In our website, every artwork can be reproduced to a museum quality limited edition print, scale down or in it’s original size, if you are interested in any of them, just click on the artwork to find out more details in the Shop, you may purchase it in one of our standard sizes: Full Size ( 56x76cm), Half Size (28x76cm or 38x56cm) or Quarter Size (28x38cm).

You may also submit orders for custom size reproduction, do contact us with our enquiry form in the artwork’s listing page for pricing, lead time and details.

Mixed Media Artwork

Mixed Media Artwork is a type of collaborative artwork by our artists, every piece is uniquely crafted in-house by hand and machine, upon completion, the artwork is coated with UV and water resistant varnish that provide ample protection for the artworks for easy maintenance. Waterproof paint is applied on the back of the artworks for humidity protection, each piece contains the approval seal of Tham Siew Inn Artist Gallery and it comes with a 5 years limited warranty (see details).

Bespoke Original Artwork

Buyer may directly order a bespoke piece of artwork; the artwork is gradually materialized according to the buyer’s customized measurements. Buyer must allow artist full freedom of expression.

During the period of commission, the artist works closely with the commissioner by conducting site visits, communicate with the owner before starting the painting, rough sketches and experimental pieces in small scale is submitted to buyer to slowly visualize the artwork.

Upon an agreement, the artist begins the painting with some adjustment from the sketches, when completed, framing and deliver/pickup can be arranged.

Ritz-Carlton Project

A series of artworks collaborated with an architecture firm working for global renown brand Ritz-Carlton, our team work closely with the lead designer to create a series of customized pieces for each villa suite and various spaces, the artworks is customized according to each room’s specifically, each artworks is uniquely hand crafted in house.

Singapore ArtExpo

A joint show in Singapore’s art expo in year 2010, the artwork is then sold to a private collector in Singapore.

Customized Limited Mixed Media Series

Exclusive series of artworks produced for retail establishment, a series of artworks with customized theme by a furniture brand in Kuala Lumpur, the artworks is put on display in the showroom.