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Flame of Forest XI

What pomp and flourish on-stage, What sordidness back-stage;
The contrast etches on the mind, With a great force.

Last Night in Lugano

Famous of it?s windy weather, the stay night in Lake Lugano ignite inspiration to artist to start a piece with beautiful city light reflection in the lake and windy, cloudy night sky.

Mother And Child

A scene captured during a visits to the local hospital, while waiting in queue, like a diary artist capture pair in the next roll seat, a worrying mother with her infant in her arms.

Music Festival

Another piece done during Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAP Fest).

Melaka River 11

A sunset scene of a lively Melaka river, after a day of fishing off shore, the fishing boats returned with bounties of the sea, the fishing boats park shore side and fish merchants approach them to buy their catch, some residents nearby approaches to buy directly from fishermen to get the freshest ingredients for a family dinner.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

The wisdom of the builders from more than 300 years ago can be seen clearly in every aspect of the temple.

Melaka River 10

Capturing a bright sunny day in Melaka river, fishing boats leaving wishing a bountiful day, a now historic scene that has changed since the river is beautified by state authorities, no more fishing boat are park ashore since the years of 2005

ErHu Solo

Erhu is a simple two-string instrument, but the sound vibration it generates is profound.

Marching Band II

A quick sketch done when a marching band passes by, with clean lines and simple color captured the marching band?s characteristics


Clad in colorful cloth, two sacred cows are getting ready to lead a procession of devotees.

Marching Band

A rework with memories in mind and referencing his previous sketches, recreated the scene in artist?s heart.