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  • The Dream Songs

    The Dream Songs

    A piece that blended many impressions in artist?s memories to forming a remix of a dreamscape, You can see the flow of light, sound of music in the air and floating waters across the frame.
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  • Last Night in Lugano

    Last Night in Lugano

    Famous of it?s windy weather, the stay night in Lake Lugano ignite inspiration to artist to start a piece with beautiful city light reflection in the lake and windy, cloudy night sky.
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  • Harmony I

    Harmony I

    Yet another piece inspired by the fire of gemstone opal, the colorway has a tendency of warmth in it for the breed of fire opal from Mexican is formed in volcanic activities and has sulfuric content in it?s molecular level, forming yellowish orangey color with splashes of green and rarest purple.
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  • Rainforest Series 10

    Rainforest Series 10

    A night scene of a rainforest, the jungle?s night scene with evening dew, mists and moisture in the atmosphere reflecting the moonlight and starlight, night glowing mushrooms and fireflies filled the forest with exiting lights and colors, a true masterpiece by Tham that every part of the painting is filled with much details, looking at it years and we still find new excitement in the painting.
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  • Memory on Tahan River

    Memory on Tahan River

    A fallen log at shore side of Tahan River in Malaysia?s national park, the river is the bearer of memory over millenia, it remembered every fallen tree in the jungle, before human walks the surface of the earth.
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  • Infinity


    Again drawing his inspiration from the ever changing color play of gemstone opal, with precise control of water flow and accurate colors blending on paper, the piece recreated the seamless color play on paper, created a piece that look like a infinite universe in a small gem stone, bringing infinite inspiration.
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  • Violet Flame

    Violet Flame

    Smoke and haze raised across a vast farmed land during a controlled burn in agricultural land, during the evening, as twilight fall, the afterglow reflection on the cloud and thick smokes make the ember appear violet.
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  • Rainforest I

    Rainforest I

    The rainforest series is one of artist?s favorite subject, the aerial view of a primeval jungle surrounded river, with occasionally floating clouds across the landscape.
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