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Spirit of Colours I

(In Britishpedia?) 3 a.m in the middle of a night, awoken by mosquito bites, Tham saw a magical splash of moonlight and starlight upon the cloud on beach side, that inspired this masterpiece artwork.


A special flower that blossom even when there is not a single leaves on it’s branches, even in extreme heat environment, it will bring tiding of auspicious and prosperity to people who rest their eyes on the tree, with impressive skilled and good observation this piece capture the tree’s unique form.


Beautiful Fraser?s Hill

Feeds my imagination

Fires my creative urge

With its verdant fields

I always turn to them

for my inspiration.

Gunung Tahan

Frosty colors shows a cold misty evening view of Gunung Tahan, one of Malaysia national park, with evening dew reflecting starlight and moonlights on surface of the primeval forest.

High Mountain Running Water III

Vast spans of beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and forests across the horizon. over the years the artist travel around the world and indulge himself in different scenic place globally, with his creativity and honed skill he blended and do a remix of the impression in his mind and pour in the painting, creating a dreamscape of his own.

Starry Night

Starry night, the mind reached out across the infinity universe, pouring the inspiration of stars across the galaxy nebula spanning light years away into a frame, with artistic creativity and skill.