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ErHu Solo

Erhu is a simple two-string instrument, but the sound vibration it generates is profound.


Drew his inspiration from the ever changing color play of gemstone opal, with precise control of water flow and accurate colors blending on paper, the piece recreated the seamless color play on paper.

Rainforest I

The rainforest series is one of artist?s favorite subject, the aerial view of a primeval jungle surrounded river, with occasionally floating clouds across the landscape.


Clad in colorful cloth, two sacred cows are getting ready to lead a procession of devotees.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple 10

A source of infinite inspiration, from different time and age, the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple of Melaka is a subject of Tham for many times, everyone expressed in different style and technique, capturing the temple?s glory in different lights, moods and conditions.

Music Festival

A night scene of a rainforest, the jungle?s night scene with evening dew, mists and moisture in the atmosphere reflecting the moonlight and starlight, night glowing mushrooms and fireflies filled the forest with exiting lights and colors, a true masterpiece by Tham that every part of the painting is filled with much details, looking at it years and we still find new excitement in the painting.


The Twin Towers exude another kind of charm when they are devoid of crowds and lights at midnight.

Chinese Opera IX

A series of movement performed by foreign Chinese Opera Group, and captured by artist with clean lines and simple colors.

High Mountain and Running Water IV

Cold mists and cloud filled the air in the mountain, waterfall from high splashing down.